Operation Model

Turning the operation model into reality requires a lot of training, discussions and adjustments. And also a lot of patience from both sides, be prepared.

Prepare to Scale

One of the key learnings we had is that the service provider should focus more on drive the business and prepare for scale, instead of been randomize by too many operational details

Stay for long term

It's better for the service provider to prepare for the long term, instead of measure the short term ROI too closely. The significant investments from both sides are great assets for long term success!

It takes courage to let it go

We found in a lot of cases, service providers would tend to keep doing a lot of operational tasks, because that will make their job easier, at least at the beginning. It takes courage to let it go, it takes a lot of time and efforts to train another team in a different country and from different companies to do the job, but it is required and will benefit the long term success, so the earlier the better!

Be patient and enjoy!

This kind of partnership requires significant investment and commitments from both sides, we strongly recommend both sides look at long term instead of short term ROI, KPI etc. It is a journey and will take time, but everyone will benefit from the partnership eventually, so be patient and enjoy the ride!