Based on the type of cloud services, the local partner should have required IDC/ISP/ICP licenses. Service provider can also get help from third party for assistance.


During the assessment and evaluation phase, we recommend service provider to focus to evaluate local partner's people and organization capabilities. What they can do technically and operationally?


Have the local partner done similar type of operational and support work, collaborating with global service providers? This can dramatically save the learning curve from both sides.

Capabilities are much more than licenses

We have so much best practices and lessons learned to share in this area. What we want to remind service provider is to spend more time on people and capabilities, compare to compliance and licenses. Can you communicate effectively with the local team? Can you rely on the local team technically and operationally? Can you resolve issues with the local team smoothly?

Negotiate what you can get from the local partner

If you have involved potential local partners in the first phase, then hopefully this will be easier process. No matter what, this is the critical factor to choose your partner : to negotiate and confirm what you can get from the local partner, scope, service level and price, and of course put that into the agreement.

Tips: Business lead with legal team's support usually make the contracting process easier.

Next Steps...

After you have finished this second step and decided on the local partner, let's move forward to Step 3 - Operate and Scale