Step #1: Self Assessment

Whatever your services are, start with self-assessment and know whether you and your company are ready for the China challenges.

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Step #2 - Choose the right partner

You need a local partner there, period. It is crucial to choose the right partner based on your business needs.

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Step #3: Operate and Scale

Set up the clear operation model with your local partner, focus on what you are good at for long term success.

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It's a journey to be there, and we are here to help!

Everyone knows China has a huge market, this is no difference in terms of cloud computing. However, because of the unique compliance and regulation in this area, it is very challenging for multinational companies to operate and succeed in China’s cloud services market.

Most of the MNCs choose to collaborate with a local partner, with different kinds of partnerships and operation models. We are lucky to have the unique opportunities and experiences to participate some of the most successful partnerships in the China market.

We are excited to present the Cloud2China 3 steps framework, it’s journey to be there and we are here to help!